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The Colours and the Kids

As with each of the shorts I’ve made so far, Colours was written in a single burst of inspiration. I never questioned whether it was a film worth making. I knew it was something I wanted to create and share. I was studying film production at the time, but the short was made independent of the course or any external support. We used crowd-funding to build an audience and budget, the cast and crew working for nothing more than the experience. The crew consisted of friends, whom I’ve worked with in the past. By a stroke of luck, I unwittingly cast two real life sisters. This was one of the many unexpected magical coincidences, like the pink sky we were blessed with on the final day of shooting, that made the production of the film feel special. I was aiming to create an entirely free filmmaking experience. We didn’t have scripts whilst shooting, we had between two and four cameras rolling at any given point. I was looking to create and capture moments rather than film a fiction. It’s told from three different time periods, or realities, depending on your reading. I was interested in exploring the relationship between perspective, imagination and memory. I wouldn’t go any farther in an attempt to explain what it’s about. That would do the film a disservice. Colours deliberately leaves a lot open for the audience to interpret. It was more of an attempt at a mood piece, a catalyst for feeling rather than narrative.

Check out more of Sam's work on his vimeo account.

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