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Song of the Week : Pretty Pimpin by Kurt Vile

My entry this week is the fantastic first single from Kurt Vile's upcoming fifth album, and to understand why this is the song of my week you need to understand a little bit about me. I've just started my first post-grad job in the obscure West Country town of Yeovil. As always, there is a glass half full and glass half empty perspective to be taken from any situation and the world I live in gives me the profound luxury of time to have an existential identity crisis. The glass half empty being I'm massively over worked, on a low wage and in a strange place far from everyone I've known my entire life. Another truth is that I have my foot on the first ‘rung of the ladder’, a roof over my head and I can explore the joys of Somerset on my days off and drink lots of varieties of cider. Only being a month into this new life I spend a lot of time not recognising the boy in the mirror, not combing my hair and losing track of what day it is, and Kurt Vile seems to be writing the page for me at the moment. Founding member of the War on Drugs, since embarking on a solo career he has been highly successful, his first two albums attracting much critical acclaim.

Pretty Pimpin is taken from the upcoming LP b’lieve i’m going down... which was recorded across the US, taking in all that he's done previously and in his words "tap[ping] into every world and make it cohesive." He seems to have accidentally left the States, landed in Yeovil and tapped into my world because the lazy march of a beat that runs like a vein through this song has bled from the bottom of my latest pint of cider.

Every Wednesday, one of our young contributors picks a piece of music that has meant something to them in the past seven days.

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