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Young poets: How will you respond to these six photos?

Collaboration breeds creative responses to the world around us. In our first two zines we paired up writers with artists, illustrators and photographers and the results were often spectacular. The impact of two young people responding to each other's work was noticeable to us as editors, and it was a lot of fun to see these virtual pairings meet in person at our launch parties and spoken word nights.

As we continue to prep our next printed zine, we want to try this same collaborative formula on our blog. Aspiring 19 year old photographer Joe Murray sent in these six b+w photographs taken in Amsterdam, Cardiff and Bristol and we're looking for a young poet to respond to them. We'll accept anything from haikus to free verse and back again; use the images as inspiration and let your ink run dry!

Send your responses in Word or PDF to before November 30th for your chance to be featured on the blog alongside the pictures.

Here's what Joe had to say about his work:

"Everyone should try just looking around a bit more because there are so many intricate little things which contain so much beauty that we overlook far too easily."

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