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Song of the Week: Sevenpm by Porch Club

Porch Club, I’m sure, are frequenters of a set of wooden steps, benches or chairs that overlook some dreamy suburban Californian landscape at their Occidental College campus outside of LA. But the assorted musical upbringing infuses a psychedelic edge that supersedes from airy guitar melodies and synth riffs and injects colour in to the entire set of tunes on last week's release The Mess Is Mine.

Micheal Stevenson, Rounak Maiti and Campbell Scoot have known each other for the best part of three years and take their original musical influences from far and wide. They collaborated on other projects such as Campus Security and their own individual works all of which are lighter on the senses and harder on the heartstrings. For this mixtape, each member has crafted and mixed his own track; it's more of a celebration of the music that has shaped them and ultimately brought them together.

Displaying this common thread throughout, the mixtape oscillates between mellow lo-fi stuff such as ‘Stillsuit’ and ‘Obsolete’ to more ambient neo-psychedelia progressions in ‘My Life and Times’. However, my favourite,‘Sevenpm’ is an exploration of the beats that they don’t usually sing to .‘

The track transposes a fresh hip-hop beat underneath a guitar riff that wouldn’t be out of place mid disco. Still the throaty, voice of Mr Stevenson tethers a line that understands the harmony between a solid beat and a daydream. And apart from day-dreaming, what else do you do on an LA porch?

Click on the image to listen to the track on Porch Club's Bandcamp:

You can find more of Rounaks Maiti's work here.

Every Wednesday, one of our young contributors picks a piece of music that has meant something to them in the past seven days. Get in touch if you have a track to tell us about!

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