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These stunning holiday snaps made us miss summer

When young photographer Gareth Whatley submitted these ambient shots from a recent trip to Morocco, we couldn't help but pine for a break from the November chill. The bleak black and white images are somehow drenched in heat; the afternoon shadows are so striking and the one colour image in the collection is beautifully vivid. Our favourite is the dystopic plastic palm tree-cum-mobile mast which has a pop art feel to it and seems to be an eerie reminder of both our detachment from nature and of how much we misuse it.

Gareth said of the photos: "The Morocco I saw is trying to find a balance between an economic boom both industrially and through tourism. I tried to capture an air of this mystery in my pictures both in historic settings of ancient palaces and parks in Marrakech to the crane littered horizon of Casablanca."

Click on the arrows to flick through for yourself!

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