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Song of the Week: No-one by Peaness

Welcome back to the land of first world problems. This week we will be looking at the issue of student loans and degrees that don't enhance employability. Why is this on my mind you may ask? Well this song, which will not leave my head, is all about this big concern facing our generation.

I stumbled across this song at this month’s Swn festival in Cardiff, where me and fellow SOTW blogger Rhys went to see a band purely due to the prospect of chanting Peaness and generally enjoying punny humour. Little did we know when we were discussing how desperate we were to see some Peaness that they would be one of the highlights of our festival; attracting a strong crowd and giving an impressive performance in only their sixth ever gig.

Peaness are a three piece band from Chester. They met at university and went their separate ways after graduating, but found themselves all working in underwhelming jobs and turned back to music, and very lucky for us that they did, because otherwise we wouldn’t be blessed with their first EP No Fun which I have had on constant repeat. No-One is my highlight of the EP. It starts with a manic burst of cymbal crashes, before settling into telling a tale of frustration. The lyrics constantly remind the listener of the broken promise made in today’s education system, "You told me I could be someone, but I'm not…You’re told that you’re supposed to be having fun.” and the holes it can leave in people’s lives “I sit in front of my TV set and wonder if it’s tomorrow yet”. The addictive riffs and accomplished harmonies are just as persuasive on record as they were live.

The most impressive thing about No Fun as an EP is how much variety there is from track to track, which comes from the varied musical roots all three of the band’s members. Their collaborative formula has much more fruit to bare, so let’s pray that they don’t let any careers get in the way of their music.

Every Wednesday, one of our young contributors picks a piece of music that has meant something to them in the past seven days. Get in touch if you have a track to tell us about!

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