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Image: Joe Murray

I sat by the River, too happy to do much

at all

blue glitter, blue bass sound and I learnt

how my tears can trace

his cheeks.

But, Still! Bristol

stole my heart like no guy ever will

it has this



power. Community Cohesion, a rising flower!

You can hear in St. Nicholas' Market

a burst of enthusiasm

from independent local artists, "Not too shabby"

the wine seller laughs to

his mate, laughter can spill like vin sol bottles into the hilly streets


guitarists, plucking up projects for youth and flammable creativity

a radicalised life within a city

like Bugsy said, It's a Bris' Ting!

Everyday! Are you listening?


buskers. Homelessness is so rife. A poor man asked

me for coffee one damp morning,


sharp, squinting eyes too cold to cry. Eyes sadder than a Norah Jones' album, yet livelier than life. Sometimes

I look at a situation in the street,

and stand still for time.


whose lungs

are filled with loved reggae, reggae that defines souls,

hip hop culture that holds



and jungle

that sets a light on the coming spring, sea-bound with

music notes, they throw out everything. No time for a rebound when

you're in love with a place, and you know

where the lanes lead. Montpellier lanes, fresh paint,

zines, poets, skateboards that hit the streets with

a sting

bristolians never let

that Tesco get built in Stokes Croft! Respect exists.

It is an oasis. Bristol stole

my heart like no guy ever will,

I'd rather love a city at the mo.

Is Bristol a sorry oasis?

Bristol stole my heart like a multi talented thief, you kno'

I'll meet you at the Bears Pit, and we'll shout Hurray at the sky

One day I sat by the river, doing nothing for time

My big sister found me eventually

She says " Hey lu, you alright?"

Tomorrow I might be too happy

to do much, too!

and I'll sit by the river. Bristol stealing my heart like

no guy ever will.

We asked young writers to respond to a set of photographs by Joe Murray. For another response to this photo, 'Across' by Sophie Dickinson, click here.


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