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God's Daughter

No filth too tough for them, you will be made clean

God's daughter, you can still be saved

Forgiveness will come, from an old wooden screen

But stained glass never made colours look more dull

Frozen stone catch your breath, on your knees

Sins reverberate off these walls, always

They will follow you through the trees

Hound you through the releases and uneasy freedoms

Robes will unfurl from flowers in the spring

Droning wasps of prayer in summer

Whispering judgements autumn winds will bring

Chastity in the fallen snow

Music will not drown the words of the priest

Poetry will not blur the lines of the gospel

You know what you do, when you lie with the beast

You know that you sin, you know what you do

But I will bless your tears and make holy water

Our clasping hands will make our own prayers

In dusklight we will kneel at our own alter

Let your sleeping breaths become my hymn

Earth's daughter, you can still be saved.

Image: Sophia Luu

Poem: Izzy Ryan

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