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You you would revenge me

thrash me pull me scream me; holler at me mean things and demean me; un-woman me from the teeth down you would torture me trump me exhaust me of breath 'til

death do us part you would

skin me in dreams tear me from me the choked-off lies cast me with the trash, slime, sink and slay me

flay me, rob from me the words I need to breathe 'til you your name would maim me from the

tongue inward slice me rip me ripe, me, as a pear in spring

your mouth wet you would remind me: man is made up of those trembling terrible things not one reprieve deserved then the gun would brush my face and maim me, your aim clear your words would cast your ballot in my ear


Poem: Mathilde Sergent

Collage : Jessica Hosie

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