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SOTW: getting it on by SALES

I’ve always been the type of music-fanatic whose tastes are capriciously guided, not by ‘I’ve been following this band for five years and have enjoyed the way they’ve evolved musically’ but rather ‘I really like that synthy thingy in the background of that one song’.

The way I came to find SALES’ hauntingly lonesome track, getting it on is no different; I discovered it buried snug in a cluster of Shazams from early 2015. I don’t know where I heard it, but upon unearthing the piece I’m thankful past-me thought to nab this beautifully wistful track all that time ago.

Presentationally modest and musically minimalist, the Orlando duo, SALES, comprised of Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih, only took to the scene in 2013, and have been sporadically producing music together ever since. So far they have cultivated six singles and one EP, all self-released; however, their effortless, intimate, Lo-Fi feel is brought forward by getting it on. In this achingly reflective sliver of nostalgia, Morgan tells what seems to be a lonely and dissatisfying tale of empty breakup sex. Bending, teardrop synths match Morgan’s echoing tone throughout, with the track reaching an emotional crescendo with a lyrical canon, beginning ‘what, did you forget or something?’

I think bands fronted by female vocalists with harrowingly child-like voices such as Morgan’s will always reserve a special place in my heart; their sound is stripped back, anything but showy, and always feels somewhat reminiscent of my angsty 14-year-old self tucked up in my attic room with my first guitar, except with better equipment and a range of chords that extends beyond C, E, G and A. But even for listeners who didn’t spend a substantial portion of their teens making terrible music, it’s impossible for the innocence and fragility of her tone not to shine through.

This in-betweeny splice of the year, where the days drag a little longer and we start to emerge from our winter hibernation, always seems to bring special breed of melancholia. For me, getting it on perfectly encapsulates these last few moments of bittersweet freedom, preceding the textbook-thick late nights that the summer period inevitably brings.


Every Wednesday, one of our young contributors picks a Song of the Week; a piece of music that has meant something to them in the past seven days. Get in touch if you have a track to tell us about!

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