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Night Falls Until Tomorrow

Ife Adepegba, aka [L]ife is a 20 year old architecture student from North West London who has been making music on and off for two years. Recording mellow tracks that are dark yet hopeful, the rapper is promising an EP soon and we really dig his recent release, 'night falls until tomorrow'. Verbally meandering in his distinctive deep flow over RSNZ's track, the sound of this young artist is too unique to pass up.

"My music? I'm trying to reflect the inevitable and natural movement of the world towards a state of darkness and the search for a light to ‘dispel the darkness’. Most of my music carries a very dark undertone, a theme which is very close to my heart and one that dominates the majority of lyricism; I feel it kind of opens up a different part of your mind and allows you to have a different outlook on things.

The idea of innate darkness isn’t something which normally arises in conversation, but music allows me to personally express my feelings regarding this cynicism. ‘night falls until tomorrow.’ is about the darkness being so overwhelming and dominant that we are able to ‘see [our own] sorrows’, but are unable to see what is in store for us tomorrow. Throughout the song, I’m pleading for the light to shine and to not be left in the darkness as I continually search for radiance before my final moments where, in this case, darkness has triumphed. "



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