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Ibz Gharib: Fashion meets illustration

We caught up with new London College of Communication student Ibz Gharib to discuss character creation and the connection between fashion and illustration.

Hey Ibz - thanks for coming along! What is the main inspiration behind your characters?

The main inspiration behind my characters is probably fashion. Most fashion illustrations have no face, or a generic face put on and the illustrators mostly focus on the clothes. But for my drawings I like to draw the faces in detail to show what kind of people wear the clothes.

Are the subjects from your imagination, or are they real people?

The faces are all real people mixed with my imagination. They are mostly models with unique faces, I like to add my own touch whilst drawing to make it more personal. Sometimes I just change it because of how I prefer the face to look.

How do you get in the creative "zone"?

The only time I can actually draw is at really late times mostly past midnight because everything is quiet. However I have to listen to music whilst drawing and it's always music with no actual vocals just the beat.

Interesting! What materials do you use to make your art?

The materials I use are all ink based like Indian ink and fine liners. My materials are very minimal which contrast with my drawings, which are not minimalistic and quite sketchy. The different sizes of pens are important as well as the brushes I'm using for the ink.

What are your plans for the next year?

My plans for next year are to carry onto the second year of university and I will be attending UAL to finish my degree in Graphic Design.


Check out Ibz's instagram for more work and click here to submit yours.

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