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The best art is honest: Celine Lau

Hong Kong/London based UAL student Celine Lau talks to AYLY about her illustration, characters and life in the UK.


I'm a emotional person but don't know how to express it inter-personally. So I draw what I feet to be the character of my soul to express myself. I like spontaneity, thus my drawing styles include blind drawing and one line drawing. This keeps things interesting - so many variations can happen. I believe that when something unexpected happens, interesting things pop up.

I really enjoy working creatively and being in this field. It comes naturally to me - I feel like I've been like this since I was born! I'm not a person to play by the rules - I love to explore and I like fun stuff , so it brought me here to the UK! I usually try practice unusual techniques to open up my mind and make more original art.


" I think that young artists should have an interesting back story behind their characters and illustrations . You don't have to think of a very like, "strong story" but just make sure that the story itself is personal - then I think that's fine. I think the best art is honest!


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Keep up to date with Celine's work on her Facebook page

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