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Nonchalant visuals: Interview with Manny Raphael

We caught up with Manny Raphael after the release of his new video for track 'Nonchalant', shot and directed by young film-maker Tatiana Telle.


AYLY/ What is your sound in three words...

MR/ Open, core, soul

AYLY/ Talk us briefly through the story of the video!

MR/ The visual begins with me stepping into the barbers to clean up some stubble, I catch eyes with a girl sipping on some juice & reading a newspaper. She sneaks a look at me through the reflection of the mirror & acts blasé. Her attitude intrigues me. We're together in dark space, exchanging glances. She finds herself at home smoking, thinking, relaxing. We're eye to eye again, things become more relaxed & we both get goofy. Eventually she's consumed by my aura & we begin to vibe out.

Tatiana Telle

AYLY/ What's special about music videos?

MR/ Music in itself triggers emotion and can make the listener visualise, and create mind paintings. Regardless of this age of Spotify streaming, I think people are still interested in how a song can be portrayed visually and how the artist might go about doing so.

AYLY/ What are your ambitions for 2017?

MR/ My ambitions for this year are to continuously improve & better myself in all aspects and areas. I'm open to what life has to throw at me!


For more of Manny's tracks, hit up his soundcloud!

Tatiana's work can be found here.

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