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B2B: Bruno Mars x Modjo

This week, our Arts Editor Zoe went B2B with her mate Katouche to revisit two classic, funky and rolling tracks.

Bruno Mars - That's What I Like

My favourite song of late has to be “That’s what I like” Bruno Mars. It is really catchy and Bruno has a fantastic voice. I like the climatic runs and inflections on the latter half the song. I can listen to it over and over again. I had the pleasure of seeing Bruno Mars live in concert a few years and he was fantastic then so I’m not surprised that I really enjoy this song. He maintains a high quality of music and I always look forward to hearing his new songs. The music video is really cool too!


Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

This is the only song that got played in my grandparents car from 1996-2010 until they got a digital radio. Modjo was probably the first enigmatic artist I ever listened to (I previously thought the song was by Jamiroqoui) – he didn’t really have any releases after this. The kick-back to 90’s house beats always gets you in the mood for a boogie and the wacky synth gives you something to sway to.

The song marks a critical point in my life when at the age of 14 I decided I had not done enough “cool, bad stuff” and decided to start giving my teachers attitude. I was a rowdy teenager for about two weeks in Year 10 (pre GCSE, obv) and got sent to my Nan’s for a few weekends - she would always put this song on, I would hand her the AUX and she turned the bass up to the max whilst cruising in the Ford Fiesta through a retirement village in Sussex. 🚗🚗🚗



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