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Lights, colours and unexpected places: Lidia Huerta

We caught up with film and TV student Lidia Huerta, who sent us four stills taken in Spring in her new home, London.

What is the inspiration behind these photographs?

Lights, locations, the city of London and the people that surround me daily.

Have you enjoyed the move to the UK?

Absolutely. London has made my creativity and inspiration develop a lot, my eagerness to work in creative projects has become stronger and I have found amazing people and artists to work and creatively collaborate with. That makes everything worth it.

Could you tell us more about your creative process?

My best photos are unexpected, never planned. I just take my camera everywhere with me, if I see great lighting or just something about a place that makes me feel something, a cinematic feeling then I will stop and ask someone to please get in frame. Usually, this is my best friend as she is always with me- it became a challenge to photograph her as she would hate having her photos taken! She would say she wasn't a model or that she wasn't pretty enough and I thought that was completely false; she is now very comfortable in front of the camera. It's become a tradition to go on a walk and take random photos.


Check out @lidhuerta on instagram for more snaps.

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