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The image of the free man

is painted under a new woman.

Eyes yellow, foul creatures

Slip between sheets.

Words repeated to another ear,

Special is just a word you like to hear.

Dirt covers thoughts

burying emotion,

trying not to shudder

when you walked over my grave.

R.I.P to belief in everlasting love.

Here lies the hopeless romantic.

The aspics’ tongues collide

but my lips shall not crack.

Though my discontent is strong,

I’m determined not to swallow the poison.

I’ll make hell my sanctuary

and pretend it doesn’t get to me.

Those flickering images burning in my brain

like the devil smirking continuously.

Caring flew away with angel wings

but pain-

Pain drifts through these empty halls

like a phantom

every now and then.

Words: Ella Kennett | Animation: Shadab Shayegan

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