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Two Poems by Natalie Dumanska

It was always him

These are my words of gratitude to the boy

Who brought me favourite poster through the rain

Who let me warm my palms on his neck

Who was my friend despite of the pain

Who was happy giving me a peck

Who forgave me any whim

It was always him

Who gave me frozen chocolate on the station

Who didn’t forget me when I was with other boys

Who was my dangerous temptation

Who was my main important choice

Who was in FaceTime when the night went dim

It was always him

Who counts my bones with simple hug

Who met me from the train with dawn above

Whose passion hits way stronger than the drug

Who cuddles after making love

Who burps and still looks prim

It was always him

He was, he is and he will be

From being in friend zone he found the key

Let’s skip the words about love supreme

Cause it was always him

You scent like air after rains,

Your beauty is inside your veins,

I'll see you when this long day ends

My precious love with perfect hands.

I'll look directly in your eyes

They prick me like a silver ice

Not loving you is a deadly sin

My precious love with velvet skin.

When I`m with you - I feel alive

If you are ocean I will dive

And now I'm here - will always be

Will you do the same for me?



What can I do but recognise

Them among the other common faces

Which pass by me in different places

But still I notice only yours


Impeccable seductive zones

That beautify your face landscape

From loving which I can't escape

And which remind me masterpiece

Both Poems by Natalie Dumanska.

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