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Nordic Skiing with Eren

Nordic skiing is the sport of nature. we were very excited to ski because it was the first time for many of us from the group. however, we couldn’t do it in the beginning because of a tight schedule and lack of a group spirit and bond. Even though the weather was much better at the beginning of the exchange.

we decided to not let this chance go to waste and so we decided to ski during the last day. This was done quite spontaneously as we decided during lunch that we would meet up. we rented the skis and put them on. This was quite difficult but we managed by working together. the skiing was harder than we thought and we fell quite a lot. We decided it was enough after half an hour, but we couldn’t take off our skies so we asked for help. Some random guy helped us, we went to bring our stuff back. we realized we had to pay 3 euros instead of 2 euros because we lost 10 minutes with the skis themselves. Overall, it was a fun experience and we can now cross it of our bucket list. 10/10 would recommend.


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