This is your Zine.

Hello and welcome to the sixth edition of the Are You Lost Yet? Zine. This is addition uses the term 'Youth Parkour' as a metaphor.


'Parkour' is a metaphor to represent free movement and participation in society and what we were looking for was contributions which represent

young peoples feelings, understanding, needs and wants regarding young peoples opportunity of movement and participation. This can be movement and participation

personally, socially, professionally as well as on local to global levels. It can

represent free, restriction and challenge. Anything that you feel covers the subject in connection to youth and young people.


This issue has a selection of those interpretations for your enjoyment from the more artistic to the more political points of view.

The issue has been created by contributors from Wales, Czech Republic, Estonia, England, Macedonia, Taiwan, France, Poland and Oman.


The edition is part of a wider project called 'Youth Participation Parkour' under Hiraeth CIC. The project is coordinated by Centre for Intercultural Dialogue and funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

So, Are You Lost Yet?