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Edugaming Vs Radicalisation

Digital Games

Edugaming Vs Radicialisation was an Erasmus+ funded key action 2 project that aimed to develop games to combat areas that lead to political radicalisation in young people. Below are two games developed to help combat homophobia and political apathy. 



Guide you custom made avatar through the LGBT+ world helping individuals overcome discrimination, hate, abuse, obstacles and prejudice with your magic umbrella along the way!


Goodmorning Sleepland

Guide your way through daily life trying to help your family through tough times and overcoming obstacles through political engagement, understanding the need to participate in political life!



Group Work Games:
1st With Honours

The project aimed to support 24 youth workers and educators (guided trainers) from different EU programme countries in the development of their skills and the improvement of the activities and methodologies put into use when working on group and leadership dynamics; oriented towards a better awareness of interculturality with all disadvantaged groups in society.

As the world becomes more internationalised and globalised, people from “drastically”
different cultures have started to interact and observe each other in ever increasing amounts.  It has become a part of everyday life to experience what others in faraway countries are doing day by day, and moment by moment. The digital environments in which we cohabitate with each other have broadened our horizons significantly, and the costs of travelling to far off destinations have never been as low. 

It was only through accepting the role of intercultural communication, dialogue, and learning in group work and leadership dynamics that participants created inclusive, sustainable living and working environments for all individuals involved in their developed session plans and activities both in Paikuse and back in their home communities.

The developed session plans were well  tested and developed into a handbook which can be found here:

11 Group work.png
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