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We asked young writers to respond to a set of photographs by Joe Murray, and over the next few weeks we'll be publishing our favourite poems alongside the image(s) they chose.


Look beyond the readable

the understandable;

feel the taste of iron on your fingertips,

blink into the glow, the


of the colours in your mind-


Be the highlighted, lids shut,

lips open, sunlight.

The frame of the world is one beyond

the cries of family,

loves, gone and still,

lullabies of filling fools,

you’re none of this, and yet-

beyond the gulf, the static people

move on,

shift your gaze to the top window.



What’s that there? It’s you, in all-

It’s you.

The droplets please the drooping

gaze; the tension rises-

then falls,

It’s you.

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