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LOST Mix #2 : RNT

For our second mix in the LOST series, 20 year old London-based DJ, RNT, delivers some vocal drum n bass perfect for a long summer's night. You can listen to his thirty minute set on our soundcloud, and check what he had to say about it below.

" I remember buying the Chase and Status album More Than Alot in year 9 and rinsing it over and over without having a clue what drum and bass was. Six years later I'm an addict, it's nearly all I listen to. I tend to prefer drum and bass with natural sounding instruments, but also for a rich bassline, so that's reflected in the mix. Not all of my favourite drum and bass is light though, so I had to throw in a few songs that were a bit heavier. I really got into drum and bass through Netsky and Hospital Records, but since then I've learnt there are loads of quality labels putting out great releases in abundance so it's easy to get lost in the genre. The guys who produce the kind of music I use in my mixes are LSB, Tokyo Prose and Lenzman, although many other artists do it just as well. "

Track list:

Need for Mirrors & HLZ - Mother of Pearl

Birdy - Wings (Nu:Logic Remix)

Keeno - Nocturne

High Contrast - Wish You Were Here (ft. Selah Corbin) (S.P.Y Remix)

Technicolour, Komatic & LSB - Rotary Motion (Calibre Remix)

LSB - Omega

LSB - Snap Funk

Phil Tangent - Squaring the Circle

Utah Jazz - Clarity of Thought

Entropy – Always Unfinished

Artificial Intelligence - What You Had (Lenzman Remix)

Need for Mirrors & HLZ - Slow Dive


Young DJ or musician? Get in touch to submit a LOST mix, or a few tracks for us to get our ears around, here

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