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Right now

Right now

my brain

is a biscuit tin,

rattling with the excitement of an idea.

Soon it becomes too much

so I’m left with a box of crumbs.

I still can’t find the way home.

I eat them till there’s nothing left,

because I’m confused at how

broken all the biscuits are.

I tip the crumbs in

till it’s so dry

they crown out of my mouth

like lobster claws hanging from the corners.

Eventually I’m just a sandbag

with my chin slumped on my stomach.

After a while I realise

I’m in a room

with all the windows boarded up,

so I walk into the centre,

not knowing where the door is.

Poem: Ellie Riddy

Illustration: Simeon Davies


AYLY pairs up artists, photographers and writers aged 16-25.

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