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SOTW: Paracetamol by Declan McKenna

In 2015, Declan McKenna won the Glastonbury Festival's Emerging Talent Competition and has been creeping up in popularity ever since. Despite adoring every one of his songs, one in particular has been on replay in my head for months. The song, Paracetamol, has to be my favourite and this week's song of the week.

McKenna has the talent to be able to express relevant topics into music while incorporating Call of Duty “Let’s Play’s” sound clips without the song losing any emotion.

Paracetamol, a catchy yet oddly afflictive song focusing on the issues of LGBT teens is possibly my most listened-to song this year. One of my personal favourite aspects of the song is how every line in the song doesn’t make perfect sense when on its own, but, when built up, it creates a vivid moodboard of so many emotions and tales. The way the song tells the story of thousands of young people in such a short space of time is remarkable. Using your platform as an artist to raise the voices of minorities is something that cannot be flawed.


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