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The Filter Coffee Man from Chettinad

"Hi people of the world wide web! I'm Kanchan Joneja. Three-fifths architect, and a curious 21 year old studying Architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. I started the course in 2013, but little did I know that it would open doors to such a variety of fields, (Sociology, Theory of Design and Settlements, Art, History among others) or that I would develop an insatiable curiosity and interest in more than one.

Stretching my mind in so many directions, I had tiny revelations now and then and I needed to make sense of all the sparks in my head. That kicked off ‘Composing Contexts’ (my very own blog) as a space to document my thoughts, my questions and my ways of observing and recording the world, and my Behance, for illustrations, photography and other creative experiments. This way of living is what architecture school has taught me- to open my eyes to the smallest details in our surroundings, to walk down a street taking photographs, making sketches or scribbling notes- soaking in the experience of new places as we wander.

Right from when I could hold a crayon, I’ve been drawing, crafting things and experimenting with different media- something I later developed formally in architecture school. As part of the Graphics course in second year, one of our projects was to make an illustration book. As architecture students, we travel a lot. (We call them site visits) And one of the trips was a two week long settlement study in a village called Kanadaukathan in the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. While I spent time exploring the places through my lens (and taste buds), I came back and doodled, thinking about the fascinating way in which the vendors would make the filter coffee- a stunt involving a 1.5 metre coffee waterfall ( It's not espresso but the aroma and flavour is so strong that any caffeine addict will readily make it his/her morning routine). That doodling process pretty much resulted in ‘The Filter Coffee Man’ being born with ink on paper.

In this book, The Filter Coffee Man from Chettinad has set out on a journey through the various parts of Tamil Nadu. He is no ordinary filter coffee man, but one with a few tricks up his sleeve. He is amused by his travels and in turn amuses the people he meets. Sip some hot coffee and immerse yourself in the adventures that unfold... "


For more of Kanchan's work, and to get your hands on the book, click here

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