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LOST Mix #4

Londoner Canishk Naik is the latest young musician to send over a 30 minute LOST mix. Get your ears around it here; this is what he had to say about it...


I wanted to kinda tell a story with LOST Mix #4. The intro track (Know Yourself), I put in to set the introspective tone. After that, it jumps around genre wise a bit but sits at 70 bpm and the lyrics of the songs form a sort of darkening journey- ending with that JME track which I see as an aggressive 'fuck you I know who I am'.

I've been listening to a lot of Kenton Slash Demon recently - really nice kinda Bicep-esque sound. Also, Loyle Carner- I watched this video about a cooking class he helps run for kids with adhd because he found cooking helped him a lot with that, which was pretty cool

If I had to pick a favourite from the mix it would probably be Cane Shuga. It's a fucking tune but also comes off the new Glass Animals album (which is sick by the way) and as a band they're important to me.



Know Yourself - Drake

Flaws - Vancouver Sleep Clinic

I Miss You - Ta-ku

Bloom - Dpat

Swimming Pool - Yuma X

Cane Shuga - Glass

Animals Fields - XXYYXX

Step 2001 (Mura's Edit) - Mura Masa

Integrity - JME


We're always looking for new music to fuel our creativity! If you're a young Dj with a 30 minute mix to share, get in touch

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