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Song of the Week: Islet - Cathays Terrors

Wonky, weird and wonderful. Welsh four piece Islet are back.

The title of their new single, taken from upcoming EP Liquid Half Moon, gives a nod to Cardiff's grotty studentville Cathays; the track places art school chic next door to a six pack of Stella and a lost fresher.

Renowned for their incredible live performances, Islet's distinctive jaggedy sound does seem to have been reigned in a tad , but sinking, swirling synths and pedals and a seductive chorus line makes for an acid trip of audible flavour. Or maybe there's just something in my tea. I can't wait for the full release and the

You can pre-order the new EP, out on Shape Records on November 25th, here. Listen to our new song of the week, Cathays Terrors, below.


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