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We Matter

Illustration: Zoe Yibowei, Arts Editor

I know I think of running

I know I dream of jumping

Swore I would be somebody

That we would make something

What do they think of us

Do they enjoy our blood

Taste what we’re made of

That’s a lot more than you thought

I can’t breathe

Can’t breathe


He can’t breathe

Do you know the mistake that you made

That you painted his grave

With the remnants of slaves instead of judging how he behaves

You judge how he was made

Can’t you see we’re the same

It’s not the last time we pray

We cry

We scream for change

The one that was promised upon that stage

Dr King spoke on

We can no longer wait

We still have a dream

To make reality

We still have a dream

Despite this insanity

We still have a dream

As we march the streets

We still have a dream

We just want to breathe


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