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Call for Submissions: YOUTH PARKOUR #6

*CALLING ALL CREATIVES!* Are You Lost Yet? are searching for writers, editors, artists, musicians, producers, designers (and everything in between) for our YOUTH PARKOUR #6 edition of the zine! 'Parkour' is a metaphor to represent free movement and participation in society and what we are looking for is contributions which represent your feelings, understanding, needs and wants regarding young peoples opportunity of movement and participation. This can be movement and participation personally, socially, professionally as well as on local to global levels. It can represent free, restriction and challenge. Anything that you feel covers the subject in connection to youth and young people. We are searching for collaborators, at all levels, who have creative ideas, fiction or non-fiction content to share and make along the themes of democracy, youth mobility and whatever else “Youth Parkour” means to you! You can submit music, mixes, art, drawings, articles, poems, spoken word, photography or another expressive method you can think of! Its your Zine! Simply message us for more information and to get involved! We are looking for this project to be on a global scale following on from our last two European editions, you can provide content in any language, we just look for a basic English translation so we know what we are publishing.

We are looking to publish the Zine at the end of December, beginning of January, so get those submissions flowing in! Remember, its your Zine and your content, it can be negative, positive, neutral, however you want! This edition is supported by the Erasmus+ funded project 'Youth Participation Parkour' in collaboration with Project 2020 CIC, Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID), Civica Mobilitas and the European Commission. Click the link for previous editions, to see what were all about! Cheers & Thank You! AYLY Team.

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