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“There are no words for the theft of time and distance.”

- Neil Hilborn

How do you write letters with words

that come with a shelf life,

promise a forever with vows

that smudge faster than ink?

I have no patience with people

who trade transience for

the ideological belief of

“This too shall pass.”

How incredibly clichéd

to actually want to let go,

moving endlessly towards

the horizon of a destiny.

I wonder when we will tire

of leaving footprints in the sand,

life fading in moments run over by tides,

and pour out the concrete for a change.

Kanika believes in the inexplicable joy of sunshines and smiles. She is a poet, a performer and an educator of poetry, working towards finding her own voice while also helping others find theirs. Someone who should never be left alone in a Stationery Store, Kanika hoards verses on sticky notes in mason jars to be set free like paper boats on rainy days.

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